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What is Jeremiah Teo Coaching and Media's Mission?

What exactly is Charisma?

In short, Charisma Coaching focuses on pioneering a movement of paradigm shifts in how people view Charisma and inspiring people to live out their Charisma and serve others to the best of their abilities.

There is a common misconception surrounding Charisma, such that Charisma is commonly perceived as the magical charm which only a few elites possess. However, nothing is further from the truth when we learn in the wisdom of the bible that Charisma is God's undeserving gift in every one of us. That everyone has different forms of this gift and the main purpose of Charisma is to SERVE OTHERS. When we make the fullest use of our Charisma with great clarity to add value to people, our Charisma will also grow exponentially and the world will become a better place of love and acceptance among communities.

Therefore, join me in this journey of exploring your Charisma and learn how you can use your Charisma to add value to people daily in a more fulfilling and effective manner. :)

Your Biggest Fan,

Jeremiah Teo

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

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